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Trade tactic that will give you 80% of wining chance per trade

Trade tactic that will give you 80% of wining chance per trade
What if i told you that you can check exchange once a day make 5-6 trades per year and make stable growth with few simple rules.
Forget about day tradingDon't act based on feeling, always wait candle to closeFollow general trendNever use margin to compensate previous bad tradeForget about japanese candles Heiken Ashi chart will give you better picture.
Crypto is so frustrating... Its fucking seductive, it's addictive. Worst thing you people can do is to trade by guessing, following intuition, wishful thinking etc., fuck that, believe me, i opend bitfinex acc only because of iota listing, i didn't buy immediately, i knew that after 0.60 listing there will be dump, so i bought on .49 my first 800MI and the plan was i will sell on .80 but iota keeps falling more and more (Most of cryptos, not only IOTA) when it hit .30 i sold some btc and bought 3300 more iota, the plan was that i buy after every 50% but i honestly didnt believe that it can fall much more, in that time slack was on fire, few people were announcing next trades, they were margin shorting i cant remember the nicknames but i remember one guy was shorting for 10 minutes few times a day and usually he would tell us in advance on slack channel to be prepared and he made few K USD for that time, he was sayng that every day he's shorting just enough to have for restaurant and pocket money . I said to my self if one guy can move fucking market down for few cents with that ease than crypto is most fucked up market for investments, way before crypto freak show i was earning money on forex, and after initial loss of few thousands i finally learned to trade with profit, i payed for all beginner mistakes, looking to make huge money with no money, finding patterns on 5min chart, after bad trade make another one with bigger margin, scalping etc etc... all that stuff that doesn't work but you will not believe until you get hurt by your tactics, in other words you have to ruin some money that will teach you what you should and shoud not to do, and there is a lot of not to do in forex.
So scalping in forex is dumbest and most common beginner tactic, it can work for some time but in longrun you will lose all of initial capital. And this fucking guy is scalping with hundred thousand MI and there is no resistance to counter him, forex broker always bets against you, and the price will move in any direction where is less winners, but crypto exchanges will allow free fall, so that means you can forget swing trading on 3h 12h 1d charts, when you bet with 1d chart you will just wait more to loose money, result in longrun is disaster sooner or later you will get rammed by negative combo.
I follow few rules and i avoid to act against them, don't ever trade based on your wishful thinking, never invest more than one fifth of planed money, you will need that money to buy cheaper, if you invest all at once based on feeling the chances are you didn't enter position at flipering moment or you are realy lucky, and than how many times in a row you think is possible to win based on luck? Not many, fuck luck!
So days were passing by and IOTA hits .20 slack channel was nuclear, every bigger price drop David was showing on slack to calm people down, and usually he was more or less successful at least on short period of time. i honestly didn't believe iota can drop much further so i fomo sold some more btc and trow in 1000usd more into iota and now i have almost 10GI and i was for first time interested in crypto project i had feeling that IOTA will change the rules, no fees, infinite scalability etc. i really started to believe more and more in project, actually first time that i didn't thinking about 7-10% gain to cashout and forget about it.
It didn't pass much time iota hits .15 David is on slack and this time he's not preaching not to worry but he said something like that price is not good indicator of project value also that if they want they can pump iota to the moon in one day and that they are now reconsidering money rising for future projects, so you could tell he also didn't believe .15 IOTA and he's also disappointed.
So now what, buy more at .15 or wait for possible .10 people were calling? I decided to wait, and of course .15 was bottom but again trying to enter on trend change is fucking impossible, in those desprete times there was quite a few people that had more than few hundreds GI that bear guy had 300000 if i remember, he was funny guy he also didn't play with margin to much, he was saying that when iota hits 1usd we will not see him again, for me that wasn't making much sense, how can you plan your cahsout on 1usd when current price is around .15 -.17 and flipering is about to start but we steel don't know that yet, and my conclusion was this fucking guy was basing his strategy on guessing, fuck that guy, fuck 99% of slack TA experts, nobody know how to trade, not single guy in that time had some previous experience in trading, so as expected few shorters got caught in flipering on wrong side, one guy lost few TI shorting, same guy that was scalping market from ca .40 he was convince we will hit .10 again based on guessing. So that bear guy indeed vanished when iota hit 1 usd, and i knew that he wasn't the smartest guy around, he decided to exit because he was guessing that 1usd is top for iota, what a lesson, expensive one but still a lesson.
I am strating to ask my self am i the only fucking guy that bets on weekly Heikin Ashi chart and i honestly believe that very few people trade that way.
People are focused on distorted picture of 3h chart and they try to find resistance/support levels it can be profitable but also frustrating, lots of time wasted for few percent if you are lucky that day, the more positions you trade the risk of bad trade increases.
People that spend more than 10 minutes per day on exchange they don't know what they are doing, does guys are still in trial and error phase.
When i witness those horrible decisions based on nothing but guessing i am happy those margin guys lost massive amounts of money and also for guys that exited prematurely because of their poor decision lots of people made money, now i understand the therm " stupid money"
When you see this chart below, you don't have to guess anything, you just follow the trend, and again people are betting few times per day sometimes in different directions, how stupid is that?

I sold first time on 5.5usd 4GI, didn't follow my own tactic, but it couldn't end up better, i was renovating my apartment so i had to sell, with rest of iota i went to USDT at around 3 usd, and reenter around 1usd again etc etc, you get the picture.

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Most Profitable Heikin-Ashi Strategy For Forex Scalping ...

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